In this 2014 book, Soul Esprit forecasted the massive U.S. Stock Market decline of 2020 – six years before it occurred! In this 2015 book, (1st Draft written in 1992), Soul Esprit once again stated there would be Crash of the U.S. Stock Market in the year 2020! And in this 2018 book (pgs. 115-118), Soul Esprit went on record for the third time when correctly predicting there would be a major drop in the U.S. financial markets in 2020! Additionally, in that same book (p. 131) he also graphically illustrated the advancing Gold and Silver markets with extreme precision!

Soul Esprit has proven, time and time again, that he is the best Financial Market Analyst and Economic Forecaster the world has ever known.

GOLD/SILVER MARKET FORECAST: Goldfinger and the Future of the Stock Market.

Can the Stock Market be Predicted?

Soul Esprit predicted Gold Advance and Corona Virus Government Terrorism 2 Years BEFORE it Happened!

We are the children, the Last Generation.
We Don’t Need Another Hero (Song):
Jesus Christ is #1
The Ultimate Hero.

In this day of government lies and deceit, stand for the truth,
because The Truth is the only thing worth standing for.

THEY are LYING to you! This revealing book gives you the facts behind the COVID DECEPTION — The plan of the world’s wealthy elite is for global domination by means of a FAKE PANDEMIC to control and depopulate the planet. The author calls their bluff in this chilling expose’ of THE GLOBALIST’S AGENDA END GAME. It’s not about Virus Control … it’s about PEOPLE CONTROL !

LIAR (Song)

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You wear a mask, not realizing that it is a sign of submission to the Globalist’s Agenda, and when there is no Pandemic.
So, by your ignorance, or cowardice, you support a lie. But the righteous, the noble, WILL NOT LIE, and they refuse to wear a mask and be subservient to Satan’s government people, and thereby send a clear signal that they will not be a liar, like you.

Corona Virus
Criminal Government
Spiritual Reality
Diet & Health
Legalized Criminality
Spiritual Warfare
The End Year 2051
Controlled Media
Satanic Ritual Abuse
Gun Control
False Christianity
The Globalist’s Agenda
Medical Crime Cartel
Stock Market

“Conspiracy Theorist”: Someone who exposes the falsehoods of known Liars.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell, 1984

Google deleted this video, SEE WHY


Google deleted this video, SEE WHY

Stock Market Predicts 2020 Election Outcome. Globalist shill, Biden, will now dismantle America

Google deleted this video, SEE WHY




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Stock Market Ponzi Scheme

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World Tribunal for Nwo Crimes Against Humanity

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School Shootings = Gun Control

The False Christian Church

False Christians in America Today

Over 6 Million children yearly are ritually sacrificed to the New World Order!

Catholic is Not Christian

Red Tie vs. Babylonian Blue Tie: The Illuminati Approved Shill

The REAL George H.W. Bush: Satanist, pedophile, drug lord, serial killer

Amazon is Censoring Soul Esprit

America’s MIA Children

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Castle of Darkness/Chateau Amerois: Child Abduction, Satanic Rituals by Elites

Chemtrails and the Stupid American Public

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BROKEN MORAL COMPASS: Lost Children of a Decadent Culture

VR - 5G SIMULATION: The End of Mankind as We Know It

Fool’s Paradise

Defeat the New World Order

Soul Esprit’s broadcast deleted from Talk Show Host Archives

In November 2011, Soul Esprit was invited as a guest on the Rense Internet broadcast, with a listener audience of millions. Esprit’s recently published book: “When Will the Illuminati Crash the Stock Market?” was the topic of discussion. New Ager, Jeff Rense, after receiving the above email from Cointelpro agent, Marie Martine Hamel/Buchanan, soon afterward deleted Soul Esprit’s interview from his Archives. Rense is known to be adverse to Christianity, Christians, and the Christian God – Jesus Christ. Deleting the interview from his archives was done in an effort to limit Esprit’s witness to Jesus Christ and to sabotage his work exposing government corruption. This was the only time in the 20 year history (since 1994) of airing the program that Rense deleted a guest interview. Esprit’s other exposé works include: “The Criminal Fraternity: Servants of the Lie,” “Seven Who Dared,” “The Great Deception,” “The Coming of Wisdom,” “Genesis 1:29 Diet,” “Fractal Trading,” “The Globalist’s Agenda,” and other titles.