Google deleted this powerful video because it exposes the Covid Fake Pandemic. Google is one of the major media forums which the world controllers use for suppressing truthful information and spreading falsehoods to promote the Globalist’s Agenda. That Agenda involves the complete subjugation of the entire world population by means of a non-existent “Pandemic” and the need for vaccine injections of everyone on the planet. It is the vaccine itself, as well as the protocol to validate vaccination, that will create a global condition of totalitarian rule by the world’s multi-generational crime families who’s stated objective is depopulation. This will be accomplished by the vaccine which contains a programmable tracking microchip, nonhuman foreign DNA with gene splicing capability, and the usual toxic mixture of Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, Arsenic, and delayed onset stealth diseases such as cancer. Of an even greater concern, however, is the observation that the character and requirements of the vaccine correlate with Revelation Scripture, a 2000 year old prophesy that describes a subdermal “Mark” that will be required sometime in the future, and without which no one will be able to buy or sell. That criteria is stated for the Covid-19 vaccine.¬†Therefore, the probability that the vaccine Validation Certificate (Luciferase Biometric Quantum Dot Tattoo) is actually the Biblical Mark of the Beast is very high. In fact, at this point in time it is nearly a 100 percent certainty that the vaccine injection is the fulfillment of Revelation 13:16,17.¬† If so, then the consequences of submitting to the vaccine are far-reaching, and will extend into infinity upon death of the recipient. Revelation 14:9-11 states that whoever takes the vaccine/Mark will be damned to an eternity in the burning Lake of Fire. There is no escaping this conclusion. Please tell everyone about this vital revelation. Their literal souls are at stake.

Note: God is emphatic about his condemnation, and sternly proclaims that he will not forgive this transgression. His rationale is that upon injection of foreign DNA and programmable microchip, a human being is no longer a human, and has thus lost their Free Will, such that they cannot freely choose the Truth of Jesus Christ over the pernicious lies of Satan’s government people. There is no going back once an individual submits to the pressure of being vaccinated, for if they refuse, they will be incarcerated in FEMA Camps or under House Arrest, their freedom severely restricted, all their assets confiscated, and loss of any autonomy they once took for granted. Therefore, you must be prepared to stand up, speak out, and give your life for the sake of the Truth. May God Jesus Christ be with you and make you strong. DO NOT FEAR THESE PEOPLE.¬†Stand in the power of God Almighty!

” … the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” – Daniel 11:32

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