Soul Esprit is the author of 12 books and regarded as one of the top Financial Market Analysts and Economic Forecasters in the world today. Documented in “When Will the Illuminati Crash the Stock Market?” his economic forecasts are unparalleled in the industry and have accurately predicted major stock market crash events.

In fiction and non-fiction works, he writes on a wide range of topics including political, medical, and religious corruption. His books “Seven Who Dared,” “The Great Deception,” and “Everything is a Test,” coined the term, Spiritual Expose’, to describe a new genre previously unrecognized in the field of publishing. “Genesis 1:29 Diet” set a new standard for achieving perfect health without doctors, hospitals, or pharmaceutical drugs. His volume, “Fools Paradise,” challenges scientific theories previously accepted as truth.

Addressing a view of the future, “The Coming of Wisdom” and “The Globalist’s Agenda” predate an era when the world will experience dramatic changes based upon his understanding of an economic timeline that he explains in his books “Fractal Trading” and “Fractal Trading II.” In “The Criminal Fraternity” Esprit offers a rationale for the future political enslavement of America and the rest of the world. His latest work, “The Globalist’s Agenda End Game: Corona Virus, 5G, and the Fake Pandemic,” reveals the truth behind the greatest hoax in human history (available at

Writing from both a spiritual and scientific perspective, Soul Esprit is among the most creative writers.