Future of Gold, Silver, Stocks

Soul Esprit’s Gold/Silver forecast is always spot on, but what makes his present forecast unique is that he predicted it 4 1/2 years ago on the Jeff Rense Program, where Rense asked Esprit about Gold/Silver on the 11/4/11 broadcast and Esprit answered at that time that Gold topped in September of that year (2 months previous) and would decline until 2015. That’s EXACTLY what occurred. Soul Esprit was the ONLY person on the planet who knew and stated it. Presently, since January of 2016, Gold/Silver are skyrocketing. Absolutely perfect advance forecast made possible by his own study, described in his book, FRACTAL TRADING.
Here’s the documentation from the 2011 broadcast where he stated it:

Rense Interview begins at 5:52