CIA Staged Shootings = Gun Confiscation

It seems as if guns are the problem. But are they, really? The typical scenario of a shooter slaughtering innocent people in a public place has been replayed over and over again to instill in the public the single thought: “Guns are dangerous and need to be banned.” Yet, it is not guns that kill people; it is people that kill people. And when those killers are mind-controlled to respond on cues from their CIA Handlers, we then have a more complete picture of the Globalist’s Agenda – disarmament of America. Throughout history – Stalin, Hitler, UK, Australia – gun confiscation has always preceded the establishment of a dictatorship. So, next time you hear about another beserk shooter, just take heed that the government wants your guns. Tyrants prefer to avoid any resistance when they send their commando puppets to kick in your door and demand that you show “your papers.”  Caveat emptor: Keep your guns. And be sure to load up with extra ammmo – before the current legislation becomes law and you soon have to register to buy bullets.