Soul Esprit is affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ, which does not exist in any building, but is the totality of all True Christians throughout human history. These are the few, the Elect, the chosen, who did not deny the Word of God (Jesus Christ/KJV Bible) and who kept His Commandments. Many were martyred; all were persecuted. The True Church is distinguished from the False Church in many important aspects. The False Church exists in a building, and in modern times some are the Synagogue of Satan. False Church doctrine includes the following partial list of unscriptural beliefs: NIV Bible, belief in a Pretribulation Rapture, no requirement to keep the Old Testament Law (grace has nullified the 10 Commandments), Eternal Security (once saved always saved), obedience to unrighteous authority (human civil government); Scripture only applies to certain groups or people, e.g. Matthew 24:29-31 – specifying a Post Tribulation gathering of the Elect (Rapture) – applies only to the Jews, not to Gentiles, etc. (for more on these topics refer to Portfolio and Sidebar).