The reason why Canola Oil is in nearly every processed packaged food item in the supermarket and elsewhere (just look on the product ingredient labels and you’ll see) is because it is an Illuminati project to create disease in humans and farm raised animals. Canola is not found in nature, but is genetically modified from the toxic Rapeseed plant which is primarily farmed in Canada. Monsanto took over many of the large family owned farms in Canada where Rapeseed is grown, and they modified the genes to produce Canola. Therefore, there is no such thing as “organic” Canola. It contains genetically engineered DNA, trans fats, and toxic chemical residues, and is known to cause heart disease, diabetes, reproductive dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, cancer, weight gain, and other degenerative diseases.  Like Chemtrails, it is a black operation and virtually no one knows about it. Here is a brief summary of the dangers of Canola Oil:

– known to have toxic effects

– causes fibrotic lesions on the heart

– inflammatory health problems, including heart disease and cancer

– genetically engineered to contain bacterial DNA to make it resistant to the toxic herbicide, “Roundup-Ready” (word play to imply YOU will be Ready-for-Round-up)

– doused repeatedly throughout the season with an extremely toxic herbicide that is known to harm both people and the planet

– the polyunsaturated component of the oil is highly unstable under heat, light, and pressure, which heavily oxidize the polyunsaturates, increasing free radicals in your body

– is typically extracted and refined using high heat, pressure, caustic degumming, bleaching, and deodorizing agents, and toxic petroleum solvents such as hexane, which is known to cause nerve damage in humans

– depletes the body of vitamin E to a dangerously low level

– dangerous free-radical activity, which in turn causes lesions in your arteries and other problems

– is marketed as a “heart-healthy” oil !!!!

Instead, use Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil (for high heat cooking), and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for low heat or no heat cooking)