Global Depopulation

One of the key objectives of the New World Order Luciferians is a 93% reduction of the global population. That translates into a present body count of 6.5 billion. This is to be achieved by various means, chief among which is vaccinating infants and children, poisoning of the food, chemical doping of the water, Chemtrail contamination of the air, wars, and planned medical genocide of the elderly and certain ethnic groups. Luciferians, such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, do not want a populated world; they want only enough warm bodies to serve them. They calculate that 500,000 functioning slaves is sufficient to provide for their needs. Their plan is in effect daily – the food you consume, the water and beverages you drink, the air you breathe. They have altered these basic necessities of life in order that you will suffer adverse effects, increasing your dependence upon their pharmaceutical industry, lowering your intelligence, accelerating the aging process, and dying a premature death. They instructed their medical students that vaccines are good science and prevent disease. But, what they neglected to say is that they are all liars, and their objective is death, not life. It’s all part of their “Plan,” recorded in their own documents, and currently being implemented upon an unsuspecting world population.