In November 2020, four months before the official announcement that the Illuminati shill, Biden, was selected by his Rothschild handlers to be the next reigning figurehead of the defunct globalist’s corporation known as The United States of America, Soul Esprit uploaded this video to Illuminati-controlled Google’s Youtube, and it was promptly deleted. In the video he stated that a stock market advance was expected by his Fractal Analysis (Fractal Trading II – book) and that Biden would be selected over a compromised Trump (who also is an Illuminati shill). Google was directed to take down the video because it was perceived as damaging to the Globalist’s Agenda which requires secrecy and disinformation in order to deceive and seduce the dumbed-down TV mind-controlled world masses. Soul Esprit is the only person – in the world – who is on record for having predicted all the major advances and declines in the U.S. Stock Indices over the last two decades. (He predicted the crash of 2020 in three separate books: published 2, 6, and 18 years before the occurrence of the actual event.) The reason why his amazingly accurate forecasts are not widely disseminated is because he is blacklisted by the world controllers whom he exposes in his 12 published books. His latest volume; THE GLOBALIST’S AGENDA END GAME is a powerful expose of the fake pandemic and Corona Virus comic farce. (Available as an Ebook on this site, and in a print version from Online booksellers.) In that book he reveals the timeline for the next major Stock Market Crash.