UFOs and Aliens

The unnaturally bright colors of flashing lights seen on sighted UFO’s bears a striking resemblance to the flashing lights of a police cruiser terrorizing innocent citizens by the roadside. Coincidence? No. Both are part of the same spiritual universe.

UFO’s are materialized manifestations of demons. Police, and those Judges, Politicians and Attorneys comprising the infrastructure of The Criminal Fraternity organization of legalized criminality, represent a lower tier of the hierarchy where demonic spirits command and control. Occasionally, the more subtle counterpart of that continuum does make its presence known in the form of UFOs, hauntings, demonized individuals, and the philosophy of an entire world culture that is adverse to the teachings of Jesus Christ – God in the flesh. It is to this agenda that I will now speak, for the phenomenon of sightings of UFOs is escalating yearly, worldwide, and is expected at some critical point to result in a mass delusion made possible by the New World Order’s religion of the New Age Movement that is custom-designed to allow everyone to define truth in any manner they find acceptable. The real message of the UFO “greys” is not salvation of mankind from their own destruction, but destruction of mankind for refusing to accept the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Whether police masquerading as citizen advocates, or dark-eyed little spacemen in a skin-tight jumpsuit masquerading as visitors from outer space, the deception is the same as it was in the Garden of Eden, when Satan rhetorically asked: “Hath God said …?” Assuming the position of ultimate authority has always been Satan’s primary means for deceiving human beings. Yet, both spacemen and legalized criminal enablers have the characteristic of trembling whenever trumped by the ultimate Authority of all authorities: Jesus Christ. For, in the Masonic courtroom the name of Jesus is just as despised as it is when mentioned in the presence of inter-dimensional beings. It is the one and only Name that gives them serious pause, and, as promised in Luke 10:19, forces both social parasites and quantum-space impostors to acknowledge that it is THEY who are the subordinates and WE – the true people of God – who are in command. It is the TRUE Christian who is the earthly authority over all the evil that patrols the earth, walking up and down in it, seeking whom it may devour.
For the TRUE Christian, power derives from God; for Satan’s people, power derives from the barrel of a gun or from a New Age Great Deception. Satan and his horde of uniformed misfits have much to fear from a REAL Christian … if ever they would encounter one. Sadly, the proliferation of evil masquerading as good in our world society is made possible only by the silence of those who PROFESS to be God’s representatives on earth – the NIV pastors and their flock of Matthew 25 goats – who lack the righteousness to boldly stand against evil and expose those who perpetrate it. Their SILENCE IS BETRAYAL of the very doctrine they profess.

On the final day of Judgment, God will reward those False Christians who were tolerant of evil – according to their deeds – and they will spend eternity among a snarling congregation of Satan’s OTHER masquerading ministers of righteousness (2 Corinthinans 11:15). Together, the Criminal Fraternity, little grey spacemen “from Beta Reticuli”, and False Christians from every False “Christian Church” in America, will bob up and down in a boiling cauldron, deceiving and being deceived (2 Timothy 3:13) … for ever.