Hollywood Films: Mass Mind Control

Hollywood, or Hollyweird,as it’s sometimes called, is one of the primary means by which the American public receives it’s altered sense of reality, where ideas and images form the matrix of what they believe to be real and true. How do American’s and other soon-to-be world citizens know to respond to the baffling world they see emerging all around them? Well, they simply parrot what they saw and heard on TV, or at the movie theater, or from watching the home video flick du jour. It’s easy when you allow someone else to do your thinking. Are ET’s and Aliens really from outer space? … Of course they are!

Three decades of Steven Spielberg satanic indoctrination can’t be wrong! Are witches, warlocks and sorcery good? … Yes, absolutely! Harry Potter is a favored character in most so-called “Christian” churches today, and little Tommy and Suzie love to play with their Star Wars and Transformers toys – so life-like are those hybridized humans that you would never suspect they’re modeled after real-life demons. Movies about children stalking and killing each other are great entertainment – right? Yes,it’s wonderful! Morally desensitized teenagers, especially, think that blood spurting from a severed child’s battle-axed head is “Awesome!” The original English witchcraft family, the Collins’, are proud of Suzanne for elevating the sacrificial murder of children to an art form in her Hunger Games trilogy – the all time box office record breaker. Are Conspiracy Theories true? … Heck no! Seventeen of the 20 terrorists behind 911 were Arabs. That’s why we declared war on the Iraqis! (It had nothing to do with creating a pretext for stealing their oil and opium-producing poppy fields.)

Everything is fine, just sit back and allow your brain to be filled with Hollywood brain-washing detergent. Yes, Hollyweird, ionist-owned, Illuminati-controlled, and where each and every film is carefully crafted to promote the anti-Jesus Christ satanic agenda that conditions a passive world audience to change from a values-based Christian culture to a valueless society that openly calls evil, good: and good, evil. That’s Hollyweird – Land of the Pedophiles – where children are mere sex toys for power moguls in their posh lairs, and stars are MKUltra-tranced into submission, forced to become homosexuals and lesbians, and programmed into service to their lord and master, Satan.

Do you think it’s an accident that all rappers are sodomite gays? Or that the successful actors and actresses display that Illuminati All-Seeing Eye fixation whenever they’re signaling to their Monarch Handlers? And if they one day figure it all out and speak publicly – how they’re playing into the rich man’s hands to promote the satanic agenda – their career will abruptly come to a ruinous end, or they’ll be snuffed out … and it will look like a suicide or the sudden onset of “cancer.” Just ask Michael Jackson, Prince or Robin Williams – Opps! They’re all dead.

Yes, Hollywood is where it all begins, and ends, for America. The controlled News Media – as the propaganda office for Washington DC politics and it’s pedophile guild of compromised Senators, Congressmen and House of Reps – fills in the time gap between mind-controlling movies by providing a constant flow of disinformation and fake cover stories (such as 911) that the American public eagerly feeds upon daily.

Americans, known the world-over for their simple-minded trust in the media and government, have received a “TV Lobotomy” that severed any ability to think critically and ask questions such as: “Whater’ all those persistent long white streaks forming satanic symbols (cough, cough, hack, spewing phlegm) doin’up there in the sky? They sure don’t look like real clouds (hack, persistent sniffle, cough, hack, spit) an’ I don’t think those planes are marked, an flyin’ at right angles to each other at the same altitude against FAA regulations… hmmmm must not be US planes and could be a government … (sneeze, hack, hack, dribbling phlegm, vomit) … I better go take a look on the Internet … OMG! there’s thousands of videos proving Chemtrails are a global depopulation project …”!

Don’t get your hopes up, because that will NEVER happen, since the agenda of Hollywood, the controlled Press and worldwide Chemtrail-spraying is a top secret Rothschild Illuminati operation. Shhhhhhhhhh! Or you too might have an acute ischemic stroke or the sudden onset of cancer. Instead, just turn on the TV, or go to a movie theater, or listen to the evening News, smile sheepishly … and enjoy the horror show.