Future History of Mankind


  • ANTICHRIST WORLD LEADER MAKES A 7 YEAR COVENANT: Changed from “2011” to “Uncertain at this time”
  • CRASH OF WORLD FINANCIAL MARKETS: Changed from “2012” to “2022-2029”
  • MARK OF THE BEAST CASHLESS ECONOMY: Changed from “2013?” to “After 2022”
  • ANTICHRIST NEW WORLD ORDER DICTATOR: Changed from “2014?” to “After 2022”
  • END OF THE REIGN OF THE ANTICHRIST/END OF NEW WORLD ORDER: changed from “2019” to “2051”
  • WWIII BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON: Changed from “2019” to “After 2022”
  • RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST: Changed from “2019?” to “2051”


A biblically-derived chronology of the history of mankind from the pre-creation of the universe to the present and the end year 2051. A calculated timeline for the coming U.S. and global stock market crash, worldwide dictatorship, and the terminal date for the return of Jesus Christ.