SOUL ESPRIT IS NOT STEVE SYDNESS (Don’t Believe the Internet Slander)

I’m Soul Esprit, the one and only. Previously, I have posted videos about an individual who has devoted the last 10 years of her life to slandering me on the Internet. Here she is … her name is Marie Martine Hamel. She goes by the name of “Marie Buchanan” but that is not her real name, since the man she borrowed it from was never her husband. She is an impostor, par excellance, and after the death of her boyfriend, she looked around and targeted me for her next victim. (People with whom she has had associations with in the past tend to die prematurely, and of mysterious causes. There is a possibility that she is a CIA MKUltra mind-controlled agent/assassin.)

Back in 2012 she contacted me from one of my Youtube videos, since she was using them to generate money for herself by reposting some of them to get easy free money for herself by monetizing through Google. She then attempted to take over my life, posting all kinds of promotional material about me, which made it appear as if we were somehow related, but nothing could be further from the truth. It didn’t take long before I realized she was mentally ill, and I told her to cease from any perceived connection to me or my work – videos, books, and various other activities that I’m involved with. She then set out to destroy my reputation, and contacted everyone she knew of that I dealt with in the production of my books, One of those people was David Dees, the political artist. Unfortunately, because she is such a compelling pathological iar, she managed to convince him that I was actually someone else, and fabricated an entire life history from that erroroneous premise. (Dees died last May, shortly after the fake pandemic was made public; he was murdered by spontaneous cancer induced from direced pulsed frequencies.) Shortly after she twisted his mind, he realized she was toxic, and he no longer believed her pernicious lies about me.

So, a pschotic woman who assumed I was her “boyfriend,” upon feeling jilted by my disinterest in having her as my publicist and confidant, embarked upon a 10 year running campaign to discredit me and to caste a dark shadow over everything that I do. This is clearly a woman possessed of many devils, and Satan is using her to attack me and destroy the many good works which God has enabled me to do.

Therefore, whenever you see anything negative about Soul Esprit, or any claims that he is another person, such as Steven Sydness, know for certain that it has its source from this one person – she is solely responsible for posting that false information.

For the record, I am Christian, unmarried, an accomplished author, market analyst and economic forecaster. As one of the best analysts in the world, my Track Record proves I’m exactly who I say I am. All of my books are targeted and suppressed by the world controller globalists, whom I expose in those books. My website is:

Steven Kris Sydness died in 2014 at the age of 60. Marie Hamel has posted images of my bio photo and Sydness, side-by-side, in an vain attempt to illustrate that we are the same person. (There is no resemblance, and he even parted his hair on the opposite side as I do.)

Google has been made aware of this falsehood and her attempt to ruin someone’s reputation, but refuses to do anything about it by taking down the many slander images and claims made by a 59 year old demented stalking psychopath.

Don’t believe the slander. I would suggest you report Marie Hamel Buchanan to Google. Her main blog site is the7truth7ministries77… which is the WordPress blog she uses for her falsehoods directed at me. She has at least 15 different You Tube Channels, some mimicking my name and my Channel, Avantgarde1611. Again, Google, an Illuminati front, does nothing about her violations of their Community Guidelines, because I am the enemy of Google’s handlers, the Rothschild Illuminati.

On the more positive side, I’ve just published a new book: “The Globalist’s Agenda End Game: Corona Virus, 5G, and the Fake Pandemic” which is available as an Ebook on my website,; and also as a print version through Amazon (which is yet another Illuminati front), as well as from Barnes&Noble, and that is where I recommend you purchase any of my avantgarde books.

Another volume, “The Globalist’s Agenda: Design for a Worldwide Dictatorial Government and the End Year 2051” will soon be available in a hardcover version.

Thanks for your support, and may God be with all those who are his.

In this time of universal deceit, government lies and the Globalist’s unfolding Agenda, stand for the truth, becuse THE Truth is the only thing worth standing for.