Casino Gambling: A Spiritual Stronghold

FOOLS PARADISE: The Spiritual Implications of Gambling

Could science be wrong? Is it possible that certain scientific theories are seriously flawed to the point that they do not reflect the true nature of material reality? Is there an unseen world interacting with us on a routine basis, yet we do not identify it as such, and instead call it by a different name … “chance”, “coincidence”, “happenstance”? Is “luck” a statistical component of mathematical probabilities? If not, what is luck? In the spiritually-charged environment of a casino that word loses all meaning.

Fools Paradise is more than just a book about gambling. It is an excursion into a realm that few realize exists, and fewer still will ever see.
This book takes a hard look at what previously was not recognized by mainstream pragmatics. Consider it a view from a different dimension, a higher dimension, which exists but cannot be seen with the human eye. Just as in the experimental construct of a casino, this new understanding makes life’s experiences so much more meaningful than merely a Fool’s Paradise.

The casinos finally met their match when they encountered Soul Esprit. Read his book that exposes the real reason why all gamblers ultimately lose, and which demonstrates that the words “Chance”, “Luck”, and “Coincidence” merely describe a lack of understanding about the Spiritual Implications of Gambling.

Fools Paradise is the only volume available on this enigmatic subject.Read it and acquire insights the author gained from both a scientific and spiritual perspective.

For centuries, the casinos have had an unfair advantage … until NOW.